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Buddhism is a Philosophy of life Expounded by Gautama Buddha ("Buddha" means "enlightened one"), who lived and taught in northern India in the 6th century B.C. The Buddha was not a god and the philosophy of Buddhism does not entail any theistic world view. The teachings of the Buddha are aimed solely at liberating sentient beings from suffering.

Our Buddha TV was incorporated since 2018 ,working as a caliber responsible servant to the people's towards rationale inform, educate and entertain people. We also influence the way people look at the world and make them change their views, attitudes, and live better path without poverty line. Mass media plays a very important role in organizing public opinion. Millions of people watch TV and read newspapers in their free time regarding a strong facts, entertainment and truth of powerful information is updated in every day.

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Buddha Television has pioneered media development across the globe, providing high-caliber training for media and public communication practitioners. We help every type of media strive for excellence and improve engagement with their audiences.